AS A resident of Barton I am saddened that the dance school, Messy Jam, has had to stop its classes in Barton.

It was a positive asset to Barton where children came from different communities and mixed together, learned to respect different cultures and accepted that it is OK to be different, that we are all equal and must have respect.

Messy Jam is like one big family, all the children are for each other.

Over the last year or so I have seen that the dance school has tried to settle in permanent premises but has, due to no fault of its own, been forced to move and rebuild itself over and over again.

Once again it has moved to new premises.

Messy Jam is a different type of school where the dance teacher not only helps the children from different backgrounds with problems and support in session, but also out of session and is probably the most affordable dance school in Oxford.

Sadly, I do not feel that the dance teacher, Ellisha, is noticed for the work time and effort she puts into the children and she should be supported a lot more by locals.

I have seen her and she really is a blessing to the children and I wish her all the luck in the world, as she really is an amazing, hardworking, dedicated young lady who genuinely cares about today’s children.

SAFIA BAKER, Barton Village Road, Barton, Oxford