DISTRAUGHT grandmother-of-two Roseanne Daly is appealing for the return of her young Jack Russell, believed to have been stolen from her front garden.

The dog lover spoke to two men outside her house in Pheasant Walk, Sandford-on-Thames, who were asking for gardening work on May 17.

She realised shortly afterwards that seven-month-old Daisy had gone.

Ms Daly is now offering a reward for information, and if the dog is returned.

She said: “Part of me is trying to let go. I have suffered quite a lot in the last two weeks.

“The tragedy was she had bonded with me and I with her, and that had really only happened in the last month.

“I really loved her. She would go off her lead and would come back to me – which is remarkable as that takes 18 months to two years to get to that level.”

Craig Evry, Thames Valley Police spokesman, said: “House to house enquiries have been carried out and the theft is under investigation.”