Sir — As a graduate of Worcester College, I am appalled to observe the current Provost, Professor Jonathan Bate, objecting to a modest development of student flats proposed by Exeter College that may spoil the private view from his study, while remaining silent on the massively larger blocks of student flats in Roger Dudman Way that are ruining views of Port Meadow that belong to all of us, and to the world at large.

Worcester College backs on to the Oxford Canal, so its dons and students should know better than most the walk along the canal to Binsey and Godstow, with its formerly lovely views of the dreaming spires — now, alas, hidden by the University’s monstrous blocks.

I wrote to Professor Bate in January about this vandalism by the University, but he did not even acknowledge my letter.

On May 2, I nevertheless received, as an Old Member, an email from Professor Bate, asking me to lobby against Exeter College’s planned building, and setting out details of the best way to influence the city council. What a nerve! Worcester College, Exeter College and the University as a whole need to get their priorities sorted out.

They need the humility to realise they are guardians, temporarily responsible for an important part of our heritage, and they should attend first to the worst building scheme that has hit Oxford for a generation by reducing the height of the flats in Roger Dudman Way.

Richard Lawrence-Wilson, Oxford