Sir – With the rebuilding of the Clarendon Shopping Centre coming on apace, and Hansons being the contractor delivering concrete along New Inn Hall Street on UK National Cycle Route 57, now is a critical reminder to all cyclists, especially women, of the danger.

Stay well back behind the truck and in the vision of the driver’s mirrors, so that you can see the driver’s eyes. If you take your hands off the handlebars, the driver knows you are stationary and can make a manoeuvre safely and quickly.

Why do I specifically target women cyclists? Unfortunately the authorities are unwilling to release the vital statistics, erroneously citing data protection laws, but it appears to me, with more than 30 years of following cycle safety in the UK, that of all the cyclist fatalities, 80 per cent involve heavy goods vehicles, and of all the different types of HGV, 80 per cent are what are regarded as ‘tipper-style’ trucks of three specific types: skip lorries, concrete mixers and refuse trucks.

About 20 per cent of cyclists are female, but they seem to be involved in 80 per cent of cyclist fatalities, usually with the vehicles described above.

I don’t know why this appears as it does — and the authorities don’t really seem to be interested.

I urge readers to discuss the contents of this letter with family, friends, neighbours and loved ones. And do please comment on the 80 per cent ratios.

Life years gained cycling far outweigh those lost in collisions — continue to enjoy the thrill of cycling.

Simon Banks, Oxford