Sir – The Times this week published its list of the top 50 museums in the world and we are lucky enough to have two of them here in Oxford.

Yet it continues to baffle me that a new home still hasn’t been found for the Museum of Oxford since it closed its doors.

All the contents have been boxed up and stored, no doubt to be forgotten about.

As the Science Museum is due to move to Macclesfield House and John Lewis will be opening at the Westgate Centre, why can’t the Museum of Oxford be rehomed in the prison complex and bring some life to that sadly deserted area?

It has so much potential to be a major draw both for locals and tourists, it could support more local businesses, yet the canal basin redevelopment seems fated to never take place.

Let’s move all the buses to Oxpens, extend the shopping centre, encourage more attractions such as a museum celebrating our city history and start enjoying Oxford again.

And let’s start by knocking down that eyesore known as County Hall.

Rebecca Chaplin, Headington