Sir – It is clear that Oxford City Council has taken a difficult decision to rebuild Blackbird Leys swimming pool.

However, in the light of protests from Blackbird Leys residents who do not want such a grandiose new pool, not least because it will be more expensive to go to, and the residents of Cowley who want to carry on using Temple Cowley pool, and taking into consideration that people with young families who are the main users of these pools do not have much time for such protests, so there is probably a much larger body of silent protesters out there in both camps, would it be possible for the council to compromise?

It would be a compromise to repair and improve Blackbird Leys pool with such money as is available and mothball Temple Cowley Pool for the moment. This would release some money for running Blackbird Leys pool too.

In the meantime, the Save Temple Cowley Pool could start campaigning and looking for new funding to rebuild Temple Cowley Pool. It is a deserving cause and the likes of the Lottery are there for just this sort of need.

It would be unfortunate that the present idea to close and sell Temple Cowley Pool to help pay for a new pool for Blackbird Leys should become an infamous decision in Oxford’s history.

Rosanne Bostock, Oxford