Sir – You have published several letters from me over the past eight years since I started my drive to obtain from the British Government a campaign medal for Bomber Command in the Second World War.

The last one in December last year was titled More cost than merit and I was concerned to note that PM David Cameron, in his brief on April 30, 2012, to his newly-appointed ‘independent’ chairman of a military medals review panel, should insist that Sir John Holmes should have to take note of “costs involved”. In an article (Daily Telegraph, May 18), I read that one of the last three survivors on the Dambusters raid in May 1943, S/L Johnny Johnson, complained that the award of a clasp “Bomber Command” to be affixed to the existing 1939-45 Star was insufficient recognition for BC and it should have been a full campaign medal, as awarded to the Arctic convoys seamen.

Other BC aircrew had described it as “insulting” and Mary Stopes Roe, 85, daughter of Barnes Wallis, inventor of the ‘bouncing bomb’ used in that raid, thought the refusal to award a full campaign medal was “cheese-paringly mean”.

I hope that Sir John Holmes and our Prime Minister found time to read that article in a national newspaper and/or this letter in your admired weekly.

Jim Wright DFC, Abingdon