Sir – I’d like to thank everyone involved in making Levellers’ Day the fantastic success it’s become. It really was a wonderful day and the hundreds who attended certainly enjoyed the procession, stalls and events.

Special thanks must go to the residents of Burford for their very warm and hospitable welcome.

It is important that we continue to remember the three soldiers executed on Cromwell’s orders in Burford churchyard in 1649 and importantly focus on the ideals of justice and democracy that they fought and died for. This year’s theme was about learning the lessons of history and applying it to the challenges of 2013.

I do wonder whether the pioneers of the 17th century would feel at home in today’s Britain?

The need for radical plans to kick-start our struggling economy, the widening of the gap between rich and poor and the unfairness and injustice which gives huge tax cuts to millionaires whilst the poorest and most vulnerable are hit with the bedroom tax — the facts speak for themselves.

Andrew Coles, Deputy Leader, Labour Group, West Oxfordshire District Council, Witney