PUPILS at a village primary school turned forensic detectives for a day to learn about science.

More than 50 youngsters aged seven to 11 took part yesterday in the forensics day at St Amand’s Primary School in East Hendred.

Headteacher Helen Ellery invited Jacqui Thompson, from Lincolnshire-based firm Pulse Education, to teach young pupils more about science.

During the day they used microscopes to inspect crime scene evidence and learned how to take fingerprints.

Nine-year-old Esme Simmons, from East Hendred, said: “The forensics day has been really cool and now I know what’s involved with being a forensic scientist and what happens at a crime scene!My favourite part was learning how to hand print using iron filings.”

Ben Dickson, 10, from Didcot, added: “It's been amazing. It has made me more interested in science now.”

Ms Ellery said: “This was great fun for pupils and helped them to find out more about science and technology.”

Ms Thompson added: “The children used microscopes and learned about fingerprinting and other techniques used to fight crime. Kids love this and learn that if people do something wrong they are going to get caught, because they will leave some sort of trace evidence.”