THE West Way Community Concern Group, because of deep disappointment with the consultation process being conducted by Doric, the proposed developer of the West Way, has conducted its own survey and consultation.

I was very encouraged by the positive nature of the recent meeting and the whole process the group is undertaking.

This was no “nimby” negative campaign but a real attempt at getting the voice of the community heard by decision makers. It has been a comfort to know that over 700 local residents want the West Way Centre to be refreshed and renewed but like me, do not want the wholesale destruction of Field House, a perfectly functional residence for the over 50s, with the eviction of elderly residents. Neither do they want the demolition of our local landmark, Elms Parade.

I do hope Vale of White Horse District Council hears the people who really want to see this redevelopment as a local service centre and on the land that was subject to their original consultation in the spring of 2012.

GRAHAM SYKES, West Way, Botley, Oxford