ACCORDING to Tony Blair: “It’s a problem within Islam” that caused the Woolwich atrocity. In reality it’s the likes of Tony Blair that caused it.

On June 2, a 75-year-old Muslim man was killed in Birmingham, stabbed in the back three times.

The culprits described as “white” have yet to be arrested.

Should we assume that there’s a problem within Christianity for this terror act?

Tony Blair should be arrested for incitement. He’s certainly given encouragement to right-wing loonies for further incidents of this nature. Blair should not even be on the loose. Instead, he should be pleading his case at the International Criminal Court.

Whatever happened to the Chilcot Inquiry which has so far cost over £6m?

It’s hard to imagine that their conclusions cannot be any other than Tony Blair ignored international law, took the law into his own hands and lied about the necessity of an invasion over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which he must have known didn’t even exist.

Around 1.2m people lost their lives prematurely due to this crime. Yes I know our official estimate is ‘only’ 120,000 but that doesn’t quite explain UNICEF’s estimation of 800,000 orphans. Of course, these figures do not even include the deaths in Iraq due to sanctions, another 1.4m – 500,000 of which were children.

Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton, actually stated on live TV that in her view the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children were “worth it”. Yes they were ‘UN sanctions’ but it was the USA and the UK that steadfastly refused to drop them despite the obvious genocide.

Yes, I know Woolwich was an atrocity and I’m certainly not trying to excuse it, but it’s important that we do not allow the likes of Blair to incite the persecution of people who have been more sinned against than have sinned. One thing is for sure, Blair is certainly not in a position to throw stones.

R LEE, Burford Road, Witney