After all the consternation on gay marriage, I, for one married bloke, would like to apologise in advance and wish you no offence.

I am not gay and I am married, I am also in my early 50s and I would appear to hold more tolerance on this issue than the average churchgoer of any denomination.

What business is it of your church as to who lives, marries or commits to a relationship?

‘Nothing’, ‘nowt’ and ‘nada’ are words that spring to mind.

Possibly, your efforts at protest would be better placed if you were to concentrate on boosting your church attendance as opposed to alienating your beliefs backwards by 2,000 years.

Wake up! We live in a democracy today where we should embrace each other for the good of our world-class leading country, not, as some would like, to dictate to us.

Fellow man is fellow man, good or bad.

They have a right to be recognised and live a normal life.

My considerate assumption is that some of the objectors are actually scared of nature.

Wake up and count your church population. I consider you to be that minority unprepared to accept today’s society.

ANDREW CASTLE, Priory Road, Littlemore