WE ARE used to reading bad news stories these days.

Sometimes you feel down and wonder if there is any good or honesty left in society.

However, travelling home on the No 500 bus (busy bus) on Friday after work, I felt really poorly so got off the bus and left my purse on the seat next to me.

In it was a considerable amount of cash, all my cards and my driving licence.

What are the chances of getting that back would you think?

Well, when I realised it was missing later in the evening I called the bus company to see if anyone had handed it in, not really expecting for a moment that anyone would have.

However, I was wrong. Some honest individual had handed it in (contents intact) and what's more, they handed it in anonymously.

I am writing in the hope that whoever did hand it in reads this and can know how grateful I am and just to let them know that I wanted to say a big thank you.

It is nice to know that there are such honest people living around us.

EMMA LYON, West End, Witney