ROYAL Marines have been putting schoolchildren through their paces.

Visitors from Oxford Royal Marines careers office in St Giles gave pupils at Larkmead School, Abingdon, a taste of life in the forces.

Dale Saberton, 23, said: “The purpose of coming into schools is to help students understand that through listening closely and following instructions, using good communication skills, teamwork and a bit of hard work, they can bond together to achieve a desired outcome and have fun.

“The visits also raise the profile of the Royal Marines in the mind of students, so that they are aware of a career opportunity they might not have otherwise considered.”

Pupil George Smart, 13, said: “It was a really fun session. We learnt about teamwork and the importance of putting 100 per cent into everything.”

Fellow 13-year-old pupil Patrick Kelly said his favourite bit had been a ‘rottweiler and poodle’ game “because it was funny and very energetic.”

The Royal Marines are the UK’s specialist amphibious troops, part of the Royal Navy.

They are trained to operate in all environments – at sea, in mountains and arctic conditions, in jungles and deserts.

At 32 weeks, the Marines’ military training is among the longest of any soldier in the world.