A GEYSER of water erupted from a burst water main and caused flooding in Didcot yesterday.

The water was reported on Station Road between the B4493 Foxhall Road and Cow Lane, near Didcot Parkway Station, at about 6.30am.

Penny Kiley, of Lydalls Road, Didcot, said when she and her partner saw it later in the morning the water was still “the height of a lamppost” gushing up into the sky.

She said: “I’ve never seen anything like it.

“We live just round the corner and as we came round the bend we could feel the spray on our faces coming off it.

“People were standing around and taking pictures and filming it. The whole thing was pretty extraordinary.”

She added that the water eventually stopped at about 11am.

Warnings were put in place, but the road remained open.