THE Pegasus Theatre is well versed in spinning yarns. But the Oxford theatre’s new fundraising campaign takes things to a new level – knitting a 130-metre (426ft) scarf.

The Double Our Money campaign needs Oxfordshire knitters to take part, by making 20cm-square pieces that will be joined together to make the scarf.

And they are being asked to get sponsorship for every square they complete.

Community fundraiser Sasha East said: “The entire scarf will be unveiled, along with the amount raised, in 2014. After being ceremoniously wrapped around the theatre, it will be remade into articles for local charities.

“We are also asking for donations of needles and yarn at a drop-off point at the theatre, so that sponsored knitters can get started straight away.”

The theatre is hosting monthly knit-a-thon meetings on the second Thursday of each month from 1pm to 3pm, with the next on June 13.

Visiting theatre company Vital Xposure gave its support to the campaign when it performed The Knitting Circle at the Magdalen Road theatre earlier this month.

Anyone wanting to volunteer or to donate should call Ms East on 01865 812172 or email her at http://sasha.east@