IT HAS become apparent that regardless of regular reports from the cancer research charities that eating meat is not a good idea, the message appears to be falling on deaf ears.

Every time we switch on our televisions there is a cookery programme promoting the cooking and eating of meat as if none of these warnings existed.

It is almost as if the multi-billion pound meat industry is paying the media to promote their produce. In the words of the author and doctor Neal Barnard: “All men, regardless of their socio-economic status, can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer – or improve their odds of survival if they have the disease already – by eating healthy plant-based foods.

Scientists around the world have studied the dietary habits of men and found that those who eat meat, eggs and dairy products are more likely to die from prostate cancer.

This makes a mockery of the endless meat promotion flooding the media.

VERNON MORRIS, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford