WEIRD and wonderful work by students and staff across Oxford Brookes University is being celebrated at Pegasus Theatre this week.

The annual week-long Brookes Festival at the theatre in Magdalen Road, East Oxford, showcases work from people in departments across the university.

Among them was PhD art student Alex Allmont, from Jericho, Oxford, who demonstrated his piece called Too Much Coffee.

The 36-year-old said: “It’s been manic. It has been good fun, but exhausting, and a really nice opportunity to get to see peoples’ work.

“My installation is quite hard to explain.

“Physically it is five cups, each one tapped by a tin spoon and they all tap at different rates and you get this playful rhythm.

“It is to do with your state of mind when you are a bit hyper or have had too much coffee.”

The work on show involves various workshops, readings, installations, lectures and performances from departments including fine art, business, creative writing, drama, education, film, and history.