CHANTS and jeers were heard across Oxford when hundreds of animal rights protesters took to the streets.

Campaigners marched on Oxford University’s Biomedical Sciences Building on Saturday after a rally in Oxpens Meadow, to protest against animals being used in research.

Some dressed as animals, others as Victorians and many wore slogans as they marched through the city to the animal-testing lab in South Parks Road.

Insurance worker Paul Watkins travelled from Bournemouth to march dressed as a dog. He said: “I do not believe animal testing is reliable – they’re different from us, it often doesn’t work and it’s not necessary.”

Pharmacy worker Ellen Chambers, 60, of Caerwent, Wales, said: “We have wonderful techniques – we don’t need old-fashioned cruel experimentation.”

An Oxford University spokesman said the university supported the right to peaceful protest, but added: “Where use of animals is essential, the university is committed to very high standards of animal welfare. “Almost all the animals used in Oxford research are mice.”