SCORES of go-getters ran, paddled and cycled their way to fitness at the weekend.

The Questars Adventure Race was held in the county for the first time, featuring a triathlon-style mix of mountain biking, running and kayaking.

Valerie Berryman, 41, from Middle Barton, near Chipping Norton, was in the Sharp Labs novice mixed team. She said: “It was great. We finished second and were pleased.”

The masters men category was won by Tom Davies in 12 hours, 18 minutes, with Kris Smith in second. The AARC – Shaken Not Stirred team of Vanessa Harding and Rebecca Green, won masters ladies, (12 hours, 14 minutes) with Laura Ashfield in second. The masters mixed title went to the Might Contain Nuts team of Matt Unsworth and Katie Roby (12 hours, 4 minuets). Tom Phillips, Chris Oliveria, Simon Bevis and Lawrence Drew won novice males (10 hours, 58 minutes) with Agent Orange second.

Team A+E, of Amanda Stretton and Emma Walton won novice ladies (11 hours, 18 minutes), with Caroline Phelan and Sophy Mutch, pictured above, a close second.