I READ with horror the Oxford Mail article “People power saves hydro-electric plans” (April 24).

I cannot believe that these residents can think that their turbine is an environmentally friendly source of power.

For the sake of supplying electricity to approximately 50 houses they will be slaughtering the local river fish population by subjecting it to the effects of a 24-hour-a-day fish mincing machine.

The fish in our rivers are already under attack from cormorants, goosanders, otters, and the like.

With the protection these are under preventing culling, the fish stocks are constantly under threat.

Now, in the name of ‘green power’ these turbines are being inflicted on anglers.

Anglers pay fishing licence fees amounting to millions of pounds to the Environment Agency every year for the right to fish.

We are responsible people who care for the natural environment and the funds raised from our licences go towards improving and maintaining the state of our rivers, yet the good that we do will be undone by the introduction of these generation schemes around the country.

I see that one investor is quoted as saying: “It’s a fantastic community initiative, and sends out a wonderful message about sustainable living in the 21st century.”

Sustainable living for whom?

Perhaps the residents of Osney Island, but certainly not the fish population of our rivers.

NIGEL PLUNKETT, Delbush Avenue Sandhills Headington