DAVID Cameron’s henchman, Owen Paterson, has been dubbed ‘the Squirrel killing Minister for Wildlife’, after he boasted of slaughtering grey squirrels on his land.

A fellow Conservative has been quoted in the press as saying: ‘I’m not sure what was more shocking – the dead squirrels or the smile on Owen’s face’.

The grey squirrel has the misfortune to be a successful species and is now persecuted by those of the same warped mentality that persecuted the red squirrel in the past.

The grey was imported from America, where it is of a distinctly different genetic variety.

This war on our wildlife is not confined to non-indigenous species however, and Mr Cameron, Mr Paterson and the rest of this ‘Countryside Alliance’ cabinet, are now intent on massacring 70-per cent of our badger population over the next nine years, commencing in a few weeks’ time. Cameron is also intent on overturning the Hunting Act, especially since the Heythrop Hunt, Mr Cameron’s local hunt, has been successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA for hunting illegally.

M PRITCHARD (Mr) Linkside Avenue Oxford