There was a time when the glamour and romance of watching a movie where the couple say ‘I do’ was strictly limited to Hollywood stars.

These days, any bride can watch her big day on screen and thanks to technology, it has never been easier.

Mark Shipperley, who has been filming weddings for seven years from his base in Brill, has seen the technology change dramatically during that time.

He explained: “When I started, I used one of those big, shoulder-mounted cameras but now I can use a small one that looks exactly like a stills camera but gives the same professional result.”

“It is great because some people get stage fright when it is obvious you are filming but with the new discreet generation of cameras, they hardly notice so you get a far more natural result.”

Most brides ask him to film part of the preparations, the guests arriving, the ceremony and the reception and he always has three cameras at a wedding, two unmanned and one mobile.

He said: “Using three cameras allows me to have film from three different vantage points which gives a more professional feel when it comes to editing.”

“It looks more like something you would watch on the BBC if you have a variety of angles and positions.”

When it comes to delivering the finished product, most couples are given an HD BlueRay, DVD and memory stick which allows them to upload the film to the internet and share with friends and family, most usually via You Tube, Facebook or a blog.

In most cases, when filming a wedding, Mark tries to be as unobtrusive as possible, blending into the background but there are times when he has been a key part of the day.

He explained: “I usually carry a sewing box with an emergency kit of needle, thread and safety pins.”

“You would be amazed how many times that has come in useful.”

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