SCRATCHES were discovered over a tattoo on the arm of a man found hanging.

The pathologist who carried out the post-mortem examination after Victor Baker, 41, of Berinsfield was found dead said it appeared as though he had tried to erase the name of a former partner.

Ian Roberts said: “There was a tattoo on his left arm – the name of his former partner – with scratches as though he tried to erase it.

“There were multiple transfer scratches over the name.”

Mr Baker, who was born in Wallingford, died on January 6 at his home in Ock Drive. He had a history of depression and alcohol abuse and was more than twice the legal limit for drink driving on the night of his death.

On Wednesday, the inquest at Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court heard that Mr Baker’s son Simon had been worried about his father’s state of health, particularly over Christmas.

On the day of his death he broke through the kitchen window, discovering his father at around 10.30pm after the family received worrying texts from him. A statement from his son read: “He said he was in a better place, had got over his former partner and was looking forward to my wedding next year.”

Oxfordshire coroner Darren Salter said: “Mr Baker took his own life. That seems fully clear and evident.”