MAGDALEN Bridge will be open again on May Morning this year.

Revellers were last night warned to behave themselves after council officials confirmed the bridge would remain open on May 1 for the third consecutive year.

May Morning celebrations are observed every year by thousands of people, many of whom stay up all night in Oxford’s pubs and clubs.

The bridge was closed for the traditional event from 2006 to 2010 after about 100 revellers caused mayhem at the 2005 event by jumping from the bridge into the shallow water of the River Cherwell.

One man was left with serious injuries and risked being paralysed for life after he hit the river bed.

The bridge was reopened in 2011 and the event passed without incident.

Now organisers say they hope for a safe event this year.

Oxford City Council cultural development manager Dr Ceri Gorton said: “We want to remind people that regardless of the river levels, it is always dangerous to enter the river and you are often unaware of the currents, the river levels or what lies on the river bed.

“We are opening up the city again so everyone can take part in the event together, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

“May Morning has always been led by the people of Oxford and is about everyone joining in the fun.

“Our aim is to continue to hold a successful event and to support and promote all the activities and events taking place across the city for the people of Oxford to enjoy together.”

May Morning in Oxford is a traditional celebration of the coming of spring. The key celebration is at 6am with the choristers of Magdalen College choir singing the Hymnus Eucharisticus from the Great Tower.

The bells then ring out over the city for about 20 minutes.

On May 1, Magdalen Bridge will be open to pedestrians and closed to traffic from 4.30am until about 9am.

The bridge will reopen to traffic at 9am.

There will also be morris dancing in Radcliffe Square, Catte Street and Broad Street, and bars and restaurants across the city will open early.

The decision to open the bridge again comes after council officials held talks with the emergency services.

Supt Christian Bunt, of Thames Valley Police, said: “We support the decision taken by the council to reopen Magdalen Bridge to the public for this year’s May Morning celebrations, and will work closely with our partners to ensure this is done in a safe way.

“We would like as many people as possible to enjoy the May Morning celebrations safely and will be doing all we can to ensure minimal disruption to local residents. The decision to open the bridge has been made so that the public can have maximum enjoyment of this unique celebration, and not abuse it.”