A BUS firm has pledged to ensure drivers create space for wheelchair users after two friends threatened legal action.

Robert Light and Mandi Cook claim they are being left stranded at bus stops because drivers are failing to demand parents move buggies out of wheelchair bays.

They say they will file legal papers at Oxford County Court in a bid to force Stagecoach to enforce its rules.

A Stagecoach spokesman said its policy clearly stated the bays must be available for wheelchair users.

She said: “Drivers are expected to ensure that this policy is adhered to.”

The firm has offered to meet Mr Light and Miss Cook and drivers are to be reminded of the policy.

Miss Cook, 47, of Duxford Close, Bicester, who has a congenital dislocation of the hips, claims she is refused onto a bus at least twice a week and has to wait half-an-hour for the next one.

She said: “The drivers are badly informed.”

Robert Light, who has sciatica, arthritis and osteoporosis, added: “We both felt very strongly about what’s been going on with Stagecoach.

“There is a wheelchair space on each bus but it’s a case of you’re fighting pushchairs and it’s crazy.

“We are very serious and are going to take action in the county courts. “It’s got to be done.”