Animal rights extemists have claimed responsibility for a firebomb attack which caused £250,000 damage to lorries at an egg farm near Witney.

An anonymous cell acting for the Animal Liberation Front has said it set fire to six lorries packed with eggs at Deans Foods, Cotswold Farm, on the Lakeside industrial estate, Standlake.

Residents heard explosions when activists attacked, and called firefighters shortly before 11pm on Saturday, October 28.

More than 50 firefighters attended and managed to prevent the lorry fires spreading to nearby warehouses containing thousands of hens.

In a posting on the ALF's Bite Back website, activists wrote: "This action is dedicated to all animal rights prisoners."

At the time, police did not rule out linking the arson with animal rights groups. Last night spokesman Adam Fisher said: "We are aware that animal rights activists have claimed responsibility for this and our inquiries are continuing."