A WINDOW cleaner from Didcot is encouraging people to take up the offer of a free health check with the NHS.

The 30-minute checks have been organised by Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group to help prevent heart disease, strokes, diabetes and kidney disease.

Invitations are being sent to patients from their GP practice if they are aged between 40 and 74 and do not have a pre-existing heart-related condition.

Paul Barham, 50, from Didcot, was glad he took up the offer.

Mr Barham – pictured with practice nurse Irene Clark at Didcot Health Centre – said: “I got an invitation for the health check but I didn’t take it up at first. But then my dad Alfred died two months later after a history of heart problems, so I decided to get a check up six months ago.

“My blood pressure was really high and I was invited back a week later so they could monitor my heart.

“Going when I did was a good thing – I have now been watching my diet and exercising more and it has changed my life for the better.”