A WRITER from Oxford has received royal approval for her unusually titled book about pregnancy.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sent a letter of thanks to Lara Fairy Love after she sent them her book The Princess and The Poo.

Mother-of-two Miss Fairy Love, 39, lives in a houseboat at Walton Bridge Moorings and describes herself as a birthing assistant. She said she wrote the book to take the fear out of childbirth and particularly home births.

When she heard William and Kate were expecting a child she thought it would be perfect to send a copy to them.

Now she has received a reply from the couple via Clarence House saying they were touched she had taken the trouble to send a copy of the book.

Miss Fairy Love, who has changed her name by deed poll and has “fairy” and “love” tattoed on her hands, said: “Through my work I realised that people need to feel a bit less scared about the birth. So I wrote a story in rhyme – a bit like Dr Seuss.

“Then the princess got pregnant so I sent the book on to her and got a letter back saying thank you very much. I was really happy when the reply turned up.”

The letter sent their warmest thanks and best wishes.

Miss Fairy Love was initially inspired to write the book because of the rising rates of Caesarean sections.

Hospital Episode Statistics from 2010 show that one in four births in the UK were by Caesarean section.

Together with a copy of the book Miss Fairy Love sent a letter outlining some of the statistics.

She hopes the couple could be inspired by the book to have a home birth and in turn inspire a nation to turn to natural child birth.

She added: “Our children are fed TV dramas where birth is always an ‘emergency’. Education focuses on pain relief rather than on the biological facts about the wonders of our bodies.

“I have nothing against hospitals but would like to leave them for people who are sick instead of being used by healthy people.

“I decided that the way to inspire the masses to birth the next generation better, would be to inspire our princess to have a home birth.”

The book, which aims to address some fears about pregnancy, is a very different spin on Hans Christian Andersen children’s classic The Princess and The Pea.

It compares bowel movements with the childbirth process.

Miss Fairy Love wrote the book two years ago and a follow up is on its way.

It is called The Prince, The Princess and The Poo and looks to give fathers advice about home births.

After that she hopes to publish The Prince, The Princess and The Palace about how to get a good positive birth experience in hospital. In total there will be five books in the series, all in the same quirky, rhyming style.

The Princess and The Poo is self published and is available online at lulu.com for £3.65.

An extract from the book

The use of your bottom is integral to all ladies
For if you know how to poo you’ll know how to have babies
Babies that are healthy babies that love
Babies that fix your body like a hand to a glove
I am old as you see said the crone with the nose
And the secrets I tell every women could know
Could but they don’t because perfect is easy
Quicker, convenient with no pains making you queasy
They want doctors and beds and electronic ears
Charting their progress creating their fears
Your body is perfect your body is real
Your body knows what you need if you're brave enough to feel
The knowledge contained in each little lady
Knows all of the moves for birthing a baby.