BOLLARDS that are supposed to stop cars using a back entrance into Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital have been broken for more than a month.

Motorists have started using the entrance off Saxon Way into the Headington site – and last night managers admitted they did not know when they would be able to fix the system.

The entrance is supposed to be controlled by automatic bollards, allowing only buses and cyclists to use it.

However last month the bollards were put out of action when a motorist tried to drive through them.

The system is run by private company Carillion PLC for the NHS.

Carillion general manager Sam Scott said: “We are working hard to ensure that this matter is resolved as soon as possible.

“We took immediate action to assess the damage.

“Attempts to repair the damage have not been successful and the bollards will need to be replaced.

“An order has been placed and we are waiting for the specialist parts.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to local residents.”

The company’s remedy so far has been signs telling motorists to avoid the entrance, but local councillors and residents say that is not good enough.

Drivers and cyclists fear accidents will happen because they say they don’t expect drivers turning into the junction.

Mary Clarkson, the city councillor for Marston, said she was nearly knocked off her bike as she was cycling in the area on Wednesday morning.

Ms Clarkson said: “It was a bad start to the day. The problem has been getting worse.

“I first reported it on Monday, January 7.

“The hospital were allowed to expand given that they had a bus gate for bikes and buses only.

“They do have a job to make it a priority.

“Every time I go by, cars are going through it and you don’t expect them to turn there.

“Other vehicles also don’t expect cars to go into the bus gate.

“The bollards should be kept in a raised position all the time.”

Georgina Gibbs, of the Northway Residents Group, said she might campaign for the entrance to be shut completely until the problem was solved.

Miss Gibbs, 49, who lives in Saxon Way said: “The hospital has a responsibility for the safety of the residents. They need to close down the bus route because it is too dangerous.”