MOST discerning members of the public will now be fully aware of the propaganda war of vilification being waged against the RSPCA by certain sections of the media, ever since the successful RSPCA prosecution of the Heythrop Hunt.

The Telegraph and the Daily Mail in particular have included articles on an almost daily basis attacking the organisation. The recreational abuse of pursuing and tearing to pieces our wildlife with a pack of hounds is now a criminal offence, but it seems that those involved arrogantly refuse to accept that the law of the land applies to them.

However, RSPCA president Gavin Grant refuses to be intimidated by attempts to undermine the organisation, despite the venomous personal attacks to which he has been subjected. The RSPCA is now in the business of defending all animals that are victims of cruelty, whether by individuals or by powerful vested interests, and Mr Grant has demonstrated his integrity by denouncing other forms of cruelty, including the live export industry and ritual slaughter.

I call upon all genuine animal-loving members of the public to donate to the RSPCA and to boycott those media outlets that are responsible for this increasingly hysterical hate campaign.

MARK PRITCHARD, Linkside Avenue, Oxford