FAR-RIGHT politician Nick Griffin had to be un-invited from the Oxford Union after a member acting without authorisation asked him to speak at a gay rights debate.

The famous debating society had to withdraw an invitation to the debate on Thursday, claiming it was sent to the BNP leader in error.

Press officer Alex Reut-Hobbs said a new member of the Union’s secretary’s committee had sent out a batch of invitations but did not clear them with the President or any other senior member of the committee.

He said: “We have since rescinded the invitation to Nick Griffin in no uncertain terms, and are taking disciplinary action against the member in question.”

But BNP press officer Simon Darby said: “I think they’ve been bullied and intimidated out of it by the National Union of Students, which is very sad.”

When Mr Griffin took part in a 2007 debate at the Oxford Union with historian David Irving, a group of anti-fascism campaigners stormed the building in protest against the invitation.

The debate on Thursday will feature Richard Fairbrass from Right Said Fred.