IN RESPONSE to Susan Smith’s letter (ViewPoints, January 3) regarding the destruction of unwanted greyhounds and Oxford trainer Richard Bakers’ reaction, I feel I must make my own contribution to the subject.

Many greyhounds that have outlived their usefulness and no longer offer a viable financial gain, are disposed of.

I suppose the lucky ones die but as was reported in a national newspaper, two of the poor creatures were found wandering in woods in Wales, both had horrific injuries and were destroyed humanely.

One of the rescue greyhounds that I have was thrown out of the back of a van in Ireland.

He had obviously served his purpose and was no longer of any use.

I acknowledge that not all owners and trainers treat the dogs in a barbaric way but it does happen. The amount of greyhounds in rescue centres surely proves my point.

By the way, retired or even ‘duff’ greyhounds make the most wonderful pets, are brilliant with children, lazy, malice-free, loving and faithful.

SUE QUAINTON, Bushy Close, Oxford