AS A national and international greyhound protection group in the UK we have recently heard the news that Oxford greyhound stadium is due to close. However, there are those that wish to keep it open, of which we strongly object as an issue of morality.

Greyhound racing began in the UK in 1926. Since then, thousands of greyhounds have been and many are still being destroyed every year once they are retired from racing – average age three to four years old. Only the lucky few end up rescued.

Additionally, many greyhound pups are destroyed each year because they are considered ‘unsuitable for racing’. The RSPCA believes “at least 20 greyhounds a day – either puppies which do not make the track, or ‘retired’ dogs aged three or four – simply ‘disappear’, presumed killed”.

Many greyhounds every year also sustain serious, sometimes fatal injuries while racing. One has to question the morality of this dire situation and those that bet on greyhounds are sadly fuelling an industry that kills innocent dogs.

It is not surprising that commercial greyhound racing is now in rapid decline with more and more evidence being revealed about the true horrors happening within this industry regularly hitting the national headlines.

More people are now boycotting greyhound racing, an industry that exploits dogs, all for the price of a sad bet. It is a tragic reflection on a so-called nation of supposed animal lovers when thousands of healthy young dogs (man’s best friend) are being killed and abused every year to support an industry that exists solely to make money.

Greyhounds make the most wonderful companions and, contrary to belief, they don’t need a lot of exercise. Please consider adopting a greyhound from your local, responsible rescue. Many of these dogs have run their hearts out and are often betrayed by their unscrupulous owners who have no further use for them.

Have a heart for the greyhounds — please don't bet on, or attend greyhound racing, that way this cruel industry will fall into further demise.

We hope that any redundant dogs once the track closes are given a chance of a loving home.

For more information visit or The future of greyhound racing in this country can be confined to our history books if only the general public do not support it.

Please keep this stadium closed in the name of animal welfare.



Greyhound Crusaders