HOMES have today been evacuated in West Oxford as floodwaters continued to rise this morning.

Firefighters carried children across the flooding in front of their homes at Osney Court on Botley Road.

Osney Court resident Carly Perkins, 32, said her five children between the ages of four and 15 were going to stay at their grandparents.

“I couldn’t get them to school this morning without them getting wet. I have to stay and look after the dog though,” Ms Perkins said.

“We are not flooded at the moment because the houses are raised but it is kicking the kids out their home.”

Ms Perkin’s 12-year-old daughter Re-ne said: “It is funny but annoying. I remember the last floods in 2007 though and they were worse.”

Meanwhile, Oxfordshire County Council has suspended its ban on private traffic through Oxford's High Street because Abingdon Road is closed due to flooding.

Castle Street, George Street and Magdalen Street East and West bus gate cameras are still in operation.

The Environment Agency has also said today it expects the Thames to keep rising for the next two days. The Windrush in Witney thouugh is expected to stablise and then drop.

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