SUMMERTOWN residents are hoping to find a way of making the area’s pavements safer.

A public meeting will be held next month to discuss the issue after a survey was carried out into cycling on pavements.

In a police crackdown in Headington a few months ago, police officers handed out 12 fixed penalty notices to cyclists on pavements in just a few hours.

And Summertown residents believe the issue is just as bad in their area, which led them to carry out a survey in Banbury Road.

According to their figures, 52 per cent of those interviewed agreed that cycling on pavements was a major issue in the Oxford area, with one in four having personal experience of being “harassed” by cyclists cycling dangerously on pavements.

Summertown resident Layla Moran said: “Three in five cyclists admitted occasionally cycling on pavements, with concerns for their safety in the road being stated as the main reason why.

“We need to find a solution that works for us as local residents.”

Summertown city councillors Jean Fooks and Stuart McCready will be holding a public meeting on Friday, December 7, at 7.30pm in the annexe of the North Oxford Association Community centre in Diamond Place to discuss this and related issues.