A SUB-POSTMASTER was told by robbers they would murder his wife unless he handed over his house keys.

After beating and threatening Shiv Singal, 59, of Headington, his two attackers went into his house and stole his car – while his wife slept upstairs.

The family was left terrified following their ordeal, which began at 5.15am on Saturday morning.

Mr Singal was in the alleyway opposite his workplace at Atkyns Road, Headington, when the two men walked up behind him. One punched and kicked him to the ground, then held him down and told him to hand over his money.

The father and grandfather said nothing like this had happened in his 15 years of working at the post office.

“They took my mobile, my house keys and my wallet,” he said.

“One of them said: ‘give us your money or we will kill your wife’. It was horrible.

“Then they hit me again and left to go to my house.”

Bruised and bleeding, Mr Singal raced over to his business to phone the police and his 57-year-old wife Neelan, who was asleep at home.

He said: “They didn’t ask where my house was, they must have known me.

“But I couldn’t see who they were because it was dark and their faces were covered.

“They went to my house and stole my car, but they didn’t go upstairs so my wife didn’t wake up.”

The robbers searched the ground floor of Mr Singal’s house, but couldn’t find any more money, and drove away in his Honda Jazz.

He said: “One of them cut my face and punched my ribs.

“The other one just stood there and watched.

“Now I’m nervous when I’m walking around at night. It has left me very worried.”

The first robber was around 5ft 6in tall, of medium build, and wearing a black bala- clava and dark clothing.

Police said he had an ‘African-sounding’ accent.The second man was 5ft 11ins tall, of slim build and wearing dark clothing.

Det Sgt Pauline Heilbron said: “This was a nasty assault.

“We would urge anyone with any knowledge or who might have seen this incident or recognises the offenders to contact us as a matter of urgency.

“It is our understanding from the threats made to the victim that the offenders knew who he was, so this was not a random attack.”

Anyone with information about the incident should call the police on 101 or contact the Crimestoppers charity anon-ymously on 0800 555111.

Following a report in yesterday’s Oxford Mail, we would like to clarify that the robbery did not take place at the post office itself. This information was provided by Thames Valley Police.