ORDERING a turkey, ensuring you’ve got the enough spuds to fulfil all your guests’ potato wishes, buying presents, gift wrap, getting the panto tickets... by the time Christmas comes around, it can feel like you need a holiday to get over the holidays.

But at least you can get the tree, stress-free, thanks to Hayes Garden World. Whether you’re looking for a 6ft fir, or a snow-covered pine, or a spruce with all the lights pre-attached; you’re sure to find something among the selection.

You can filter your selection by number of lights (up to an impressive 3,000!), number of tips, look and feel and shape. There is a tree for every space on this virtual winter wonderland.

With a busy job and the thought of the family descending for Christmas, I was not so much looking forward to the festive season as positively dreading it. My to-do list is as long as my arm and a trip to the supermarket feels like going in to battle, with people practically fighting to grab the last packet of parsnips.

But at least now I know my guests will say ‘wow’ when they come inside and see the tree, a stunning 7ft weeping spruce.

The new PE (polyethylene) trees at Hayes Garden World are very realistic as they use moulds of real tree branches.

Top picks this year include the Dual Cosmic Light Iceland Fir, the Georgeton Fir Feel-Real and the Dorchester Pine.

All it takes is a couple of clicks on the easy to navigate website and my Christmas tree was delivered right to my door within a couple of days. No battling other people in the cold and getting a tree back to my car only to find it can’t fit.

My tree was easy to assemble and has a sturdy base - no worries that my dog will knock it down and leave baubles all over my lounge.

Decorating the tree can be a lovely experience - a chance for reflection and spending time together as a family. My tree is big enough that there’s no fighting over who gets to put on the most baubles - in fact, more baubles may be needed!

With sustainability a big conversation this year, our thoughts turn to how to have an eco-friendly Christmas. ‘Tis the season of monumental waste.

Each year, millions of Christmas trees (real and fake) end up in landfill. One of the best ways to stop our Christmases becoming a burden on the planet is to reuse, repair and recycle.

By investing in a top quality tree like this one, you’re helping the environment - but you’re also saving yourself money and hassle in the years to come. My weeping spruce comes with a lifetime guarantee.

I’m assured that the construction of the tree is among ‘the best in the industry’ and all the branches are hand-wrapped, meaning that it shouldn’t lose too many tips. Hayes Garden World will replace any tree that loses more than three per cent of its tips.

So - take the stress out of Christmas in one way, at least, and visit hayesgardenworld.co.uk for some festive magic.

Now, if anyone wants to prepare and deliver a ready-made Christmas dinner to my house, that would be much appreciated...

n The 7ft Weeping Spruce, RRP £275.99, on sale for £193.99