WANT to ensure it is even easier to keep up to date with the Oxford Mail on your smartphone or tablet? Here's a series of handy hints that will deliver our newly-designed Oxford Mail icon right on your homescreen so within one touch you can get straight to your favourite section, rather than battling through all your favourites on your internet browser.

Below are three direct links we think will suit most people, but you can pick any of the sections on oxfordmail.co.uk. Simply click on or copy the links below and follow our easy illustrated instructions.

Our choices would be the main Oxford Mail homepage, although we realise that may not suit smartphone users because of the size of the screen.


Our mobile site is really the one for you if you are out and about. It is a trimmed down version of the main site with the latest News, Sport and, we think crucially, Travel information. The advantage is it's easier to read on a smartphone and loads a lot quicker.


And of course we have our big contingent of Oxford United fans. So, as well as following our special @OxfordMailOUFC Twitter feed, you can also have the most comprehensive United news in just one click.


But of course you can bookmark any page you wish, simply by following this step-by-step guide:

1. Open up in your internet browser (for example Safari on the iPhone or iPad), a second page/window/tab to this one and go to your chosen page (using the links above if one of those is your choice).

2. Press the bookmark button (highlighted by a red circle below)


Oxford Mail: om ipad 1 Oxford Mail: om iphone 1

  • iPad (left) and iPhone

3. Click on the Oxford Mail icon where it says Add to Home Screen

Oxford Mail: om ipad 2 new Oxford Mail: om iphon 2 new

4. Type in your description for your Homescreen

Oxford Mail: om ipad 3 Oxford Mail: om iphone 3

5. And there she is, right on your Homescreen, ready to take you straight to your chosen part of the Oxford Mail website

Oxford Mail: om ipad 4