If you’ve been following these columns at all over the last few months (and if you have, my eternal thanks for sticking with me), you’ll know that pretty much everything in my life relates to cinema in some way. Currently that connection is more obvious than ever, as this week I’m about to get married.

Being the good Catholic boy that I am, the ceremony is fairly traditional – church, priest, hymns, all that jazz – however the reception has a few unique twists. Our tables are named after famous movie locations (Nakatomi Plaza, Bedford Falls, the Moulin Rouge), as wedding favours everyone gets an action figure, and even our introduction as man and wife will be accompanied by music from Star Wars. You might think most brides would baulk at such a geeky theme – for me and my soon-to-be-wife Lauren, a bit of a cinephile herself, it makes perfect sense, as the world of movies has played a part in our lives since the beginning.

We met on that most modern of introductions, a dating website. I had soon found out through exchanges with other people before that just because their profile says their interests include ‘going to the cinema’, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are movie fans like I am, that is until I met Lauren. Our opening exchanges were pleasant, ‘getting-to-know-you’ type chatter, but I began to notice little film references littered in the conversation – an obscure line from The Big Lebowski being one that particularly stood out.

Eventually we met, outside the Odeon George Street (I’m not making this up) and we’ve been geekily in love ever since. If you had to put a label on her, Lauren’s first love is theatre, but her film knowledge extends far past a lot of professional critics I know. Our weekly movie nights have become a bit of a staple among our friends. Many debates have ensued between us over various cinema topics (she’s not a fan of Bill Murray, a fact that hurts me to this day), and even our early dates were mostly film related (the London Film Museum, a press screening of The Coens’ True Grit – I know how to treat a gal).

It’s not always been perfect, but it’s always been right, and so as we stand up in front of our maker, and the odd weeping relative, to tie the knot once and for all, in a world where marriages are often based on the flimsiest of attractions, we’ve given ourselves the best chance possible.

Maybe the last words should go to the soon-to-be Mrs Lauren Luxford (a new name that she thinks makes her sound like a superhero) who, upon hearing I was writing about the wedding this week, recalled that Big Lebowski quote and remarked: “I should have known you were the one then; not many people would have got that”.

What a lucky boy I am!