Carl Anglim is the man responsible for Oxford Fashion Week. We speak to him about why it’s a ‘must-see’ event, its highlights, and how he pulled it all together.

Carl Anglim has brought fashion to Oxford in a big way.

Over the past three years he has created and produced Oxford’s flourishing annual fashion spectacular; Oxford Fashion Week.

Since it’s birth in 2009, OFW has involved 38 major events, more than 40 sponsors and partners, more than 3,000 spectators, over 200 designers, 450 volunteers and 30 runway shows as well as global press coverage.

And yet this year is going to be bigger and better than ever. So what should we expect from OFW 2011?

“Simply the most spectacular series of fashion events that Oxford has ever seen,” Carl says grinning.

“The last two years of producing OFW have been thrilling but Oxford Fashion Week 2011 is going to make the previous two years look like trial-runs,” he boasts.

“There is more going on during this season of OFW than the previous two years combined. It’s not even a week because OFW actually ends later in the month with the Oxford Style Show.

“And every year we produce OFW we can see how much further it can go. This year is no different and despite featuring 16 events, over 100 designers and speakers, 13 runway shows, 24 partners, the lowest ticket prices ever, more free events, fundraising for two charities, and hundreds of volunteers to bring the week together, there’s still so much further to go.”

But if Carl, 24, had to pick one highlight what would it be?

“OFW Couture Show is the high fashion climax featuring designers such as Matthew Williamson, Nicole Farhi and Valentin Yudashkin, and takes place at the exclusive and grand Oxford University Examination Schools.

“And then just when you thought it was over, two weeks later there’s the Oxford Style Show with nine runway shows already scheduled, and with hundreds expected to turn out, this will be the largest event of the entire fashion schedule.”

So what about the public then. What’s expected of them?

“I want people to express themselves during the week, to take risks with how they dress, to be who they want to be and most importantly to have fun with it all!”

And lastly, what’s in it for you Carl?

“There’s nothing more satisfying to me than producing an incredible show that makes people want to come back for more,” he says.

“If guests come away from OFW delighted, inspired and more creative than when they went in then we will have done our jobs.

“If designers come away with renewed confidence, with a recognition of the important role they play in people’s lives everyday and with the knowledge that people love their creations then we will have done our job.

“If Oxford Fashion Week continues to bring together Oxford’s business, creative, educational and media communities and if Oxford Fashion Week again comes away with new partners wanting to be involved then we will have done our job.

“Oxford has such a strong community and there is so much potential for OFW to continue to reach more people, that not a day goes by without me reflecting on how lucky we are.”

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