Eynsham’s Paddy and Angela Coulter are having Henry and Elizabeth over on Saturday night.

They have never met the mystery couple before and have no idea what they’re going to do, but they aren’t to offer them refreshments as they will leave straight after their outburst for reasons that become apparent on the night.

Intrigued? We are, because Henry and Elizabeth is Oxford’s Playhouse’s latest Play Out, in which 11 homes will be staging an evening of entertainment without knowing what’s in store.

Love gone wonky is the theme, and it’s a comedy, but otherwise the Coulters are totally in the dark about how the evening will pan out.

Groundbreaking stuff then and one that the Playhouse is keen to promote.

“It’s about taking theatre to unexpected places where you wouldn’t expect to see it. To change people preconceptions about what theatre is, and encourage people to try something they wouldn’t normally encounter,” Lisa Woods at the Playhouse explains.

Paddy Coulter is also hugely excited.

Henry and Elizabeth are performing for his 64th birthday and 12 of their friends have been invited to share the experience.

“We saw the last Plays Out performance in a caravan on a green in Witney and it was brilliant,” Paddy says. “The surprise element is always fascinating and it takes you out of your comfort zone.

“Plays Out is much more intimate than being inside a theatre and you get a different quality of experience and feel much more involved with the performance. It’s going to be a complete surprise,” Angela agrees.

All 11 performances of Henry and Elizabeth sold out immediately, at £120 a pop, but the Coulters have been told little since, except to follow certain instructions: to clear all toys out of sight, to hide their car, and to free up three rooms in their home for the performance.

“We still don’t know what’s going to happen or what Henry and Elizabeth are going to do,” Paddy concludes. “But we are looking forward to it. It’s a comedy with a twist, but what can that be? We are completely intrigued and love the innovative production which reaches you in a way that theatre and even TV, doesn’t.”

But what about Henry and Elizabeth I hear you ask? Why haven’t you talked to them?

Well, it’s like asking me to interview Harry Potter or Bugs Bunny, because as Henry and Elizabeth’s antics are under wraps, they can’t tell us anything at all about their evening of entertainment, or what they’ve got in store for Paddy and Angela. You’ll just have to imagine their shenanigans instead, because next time it could be at your place!

* Henry and Elizabeth is running until Saturday, July 17. For more information call 01865 305305.