Gig-theatre gives shows an added dimension – the atmosphere of a concert with all the storytelling capabilities of a play: Fragment is a perfect example.

The North Wall’s co-production with Iron Shoes, written by John Hoggarth, is a gritty northern drama set in the seaside town of Redcar. Viewed through the eyes of the troubled Lester Fall, played convincingly by Tony Bell, his character reluctantly returns to the place where he spent his youth.

With his health failing, Lester is agitated, angry and defeated by life, spending much of his time reliving his past.

Dom Coyote composed the songs and music for the piece and performs them live, alongside Rebecca Tebbett and Milly Oldfield.

Rebecca also plays Helen, Lester’s young love as we glimpse flashbacks of their history, morphing easily into each role.

Milly, with her vibrant blue hair, plays the neighbour who befriends Lester in his time of need. Her voice blended with Coyote’s when singing is particularly haunting.

With the theme of connections lost and found, the format certainly blows away the stuffiness that can sometimes accompany traditional theatre.

The audience experiences both the serenity and sadness in the music; and with the large screen displaying industrial black and white landscape shots, there’s a strong sense of place.

The songs in full swing are heartfelt and loud.

They wake the senses, in contrast to the quieter moments of the play giving them greater poignancy.

The storytelling and melodies combined created an all-immersive experience, giving me goosebumps throughout. All four give passionate, stirring performances. The beautiful message within the play is something all involved should be proud of.

Coyote has previously expressed what he wishes the audience will take from the show: “I hope they go home thinking about their lives and remember to take stock of where they are. To look up and around them and to deal with things that are unfinished.” I think his wish has been fulfilled. 5/5