It’s a busy time of year at Creation Theatre, and this year more than most, as they’re reviving the ultimate Christmas show; A Christmas Carol.

We caught up with Creation’s Chief Exec and the show’s producer, Lucy Askew, to see how it's progressing and why they’d chosen A Christmas Carol?

“Well, to be quite honest, it’s such a classic at this time of year that we felt it was time for A Christmas Carol again! That’s not to say that other stories, like last year’s Grimm Tales, don’t make fantastic shows, but there’s something just a little bit magical about telling the story of Scrooge’s redemption on Christmas Eve.

"I think people are drawn to this particular story at this time of year; and once our shows open and people discover how special it is, sales rocketed," Lucy says.

So how did she pick the cast? “This show sees the return of some favourite faces from the last few Christmases actually – our style relies on the actors playing so many different parts in each show that you really get to see them stretching their acting muscles.”

And it’ll be an all-singing all-dancing affair? “Oh yes, definitely. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a few carols, plus some new compositions, and our own twist on some favourites; we’re on a bit of a roll with featuring snippets of Justin Bieber at Christmas believe it or not.”

This comes at the end of a busy year for Creation too, “We started with 1984 at the Mathematics Institute, which just caught the mood at exactly the right moment – we opened the week that 1984 became a bestseller again because of ‘Fake News’.

"Then, as well A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Alice in Oxford, we took our first ever show to London, and were thrilled to receive a nomination for an Off West End Award.”

But it’s back home to Oxford for Christmas, and as ever the show will feature some local youngsters, how do they cope with the challenge? “They more than hold their own!” confirms Lucy “They’re all members of our Drama Club, so they know their way around a classic story, as well as a stage, and they bring so much fun and excitement to the rehearsal room, it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.”

So where does Director Gari Jones,start when approaching adapting such a classic? “I feel a responsibility to communicate the story so see what the main elements of the story are and address how to tell them in a theatre environment. I then really look at the key moments and how best to articulate them."

Lucy continues: “This is a totally new adaptation. Over the past four years we’ve put together something of a dream team, both on stage and off, and developed a very particular brand of Christmas theatre. Lots of songs and silliness for the younger ones, but with really strong storytelling at the heart.

"Scrooge’s story makes such an impact at Christmas, I think we can all benefit from remembering that Christmas is really about what’s inside, about being kinder and thinking of others more.”

And it’s a busy time for Creation, with another Christmas show on in the north of the county. “For the third year we’re also producing the Christmas show at The Mill Arts Centre, in Banbury. This time round we’re using Gari’s script from 2013’s The Wind in the Willows, so far anyone who loved that there’s a chance to catch it again.

Christmas Carol runs at The North Wall until January 6, so there’s plenty of time to learn the lessons of the three ghosts, before the festive season comes to an end.

Wind In The Willows runs at The Mill, Banbury until December 30.

To book both shows ring 01865 766266 or go to