That Creation’s numerous weekly children’s summer holiday workshops have completely sold out, says everything about this engaging, fun and utterly professional arm of the Oxford theatre company.

And yet it was a surprise that the Shakespeare heavy troupe of 16 had chosen Pride & Prejudice as its ‘Play In A Week’, none more than lead facilitator Alice Farrell, who gave her new pupils three choices: Macbeth, Treasure Island and P&P.

Jane Austen it was then, and Alice set about preparing the 45 minute performance scheduled for the Friday afternoon at Wychwood School.

One of Creation’s many strengths is that it never patronises children by dumbing down their work or oversimplifying their productions. The ensuing show was therefore ambitious and all-encompassing, the children’s talents rising accordingly to the occasion.

Encouraged by this faith in their talents, the young actors thought big, and their accomplished and polished performance was above and beyond what any parent expected.

The vital bones of the story were picked out and fleshed, the main characters laying out the story; Mr Darcy’s imperial attitude, Bingley’s sweet disposition, the doomed romance of Jane Bennett, the fierce independent nature of Elizabeth Bennett, all were paraded convincingly and succinctly, so that anyone who hadn’t read the book, or seen the film, would be in no doubt what was panning out.

Not only that, but the production itself was slick. Exits and entrances, formations, projection, articulation, and of course acting, were all carefully thought out and executed.

Performance aside, the week also gifted the children with confidence, not only in their acting, performing and public speaking abilities, but in tackling challenging tasks and making new friends.

Creation runs weekly drama clubs from September, and holiday clubs in October half term and Christmas. 5/5