Esther Lafferty presents some of the more delicate work on show at Oxfordshire Artweeks

Those hoping to see some of the more delicate offerings at Artweeks in terms of sculpture, ceramics and jewellery, are in luck because there is plenty on offer.

In Kidlington, visit Pam Fyvi’s glass workshop where her colours celebrate liberty, life, love and joy. “I grew up in a strict religious cult in which going to university was discouraged,” says Pam, “but if I had been able to, I’d probably have opted for earth sciences.

“There’s such an amazing amount of colour under the ground, in rocks, in minerals and in ores so I incorporate bits of metal and dabble with chemistry to recreate this in my work.

“I’m fascinated by geodes and fossils, volcanoes and earthquakes, everything really from hurricanes and tsunami to the aurora borealis.

Her jewellery display features a multi-layered alchemy series and each piece in Pam’s Northern Lights is clear, smooth, and tactile, glistening internally with ethereal colours as it turns in the light: tiny wisps of dichromatic glass shimmer as in a clear sky.

“I’ve always been passionate about colour,” she enthuses, “and I have been particularly captivated by glass. I love its hues and its potential. There’s so much freedom and I enjoy the challenges of different techniques, including fusing and casting.”

Pam also loves snorkelling and diving, and this is reflected in her new series of striking ‘sand dollar’ bowls based on a type of very flat sea urchins found in the US that lie on the sand like calcium frisbies. “They have the imprint of a five-petalled flower at their centre and reproduce an organic freedom of form in strong combinations of opaque mineral colours.” The series viewed together resembles a rainbow coral reef.

By contrast, ceramicists Jane and Dylan Bowen are offering a glimpse of their functional and sculptural work, rooted in the English slipware tradition. The couple use simple slips and glazes with contemporary influences.

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