The Goodbridge Million What would you do if you inherited a million pounds? Buy a new home? Settle your debts? Or spend it on an 80-foot scarecrow?

Only one of those three options will be explored in any depth in the latest comedy from Witney Dramatic Society.

The Goodbridge Million focuses on a sleepy hamlet that receives a grand donation from a mysterious American benefactor, to be spent how the villagers wish. The parish council must call a vote to decide the winning idea.

Director Teresa Hays said: “There are a lot of strong characters and strong ideas. I wanted something with a lot of parts because we’ve got several members.

“Another thing that drew me to it was, with the whole business of the Corn Exchange being closed and reopening, part of the plot is almost a reflection of life here.”

The audience may find itself contributing to the plot as well, as there will be a chance for people to put forward their own ideas as to how the characters should spend the money.

“It’s a small section but anybody’s ideas will get read out,” said Ms Hays.

“It’s actually a relatively new play but it could have been written back in the 30s or in 50 years’ time. It has a timeless quality.”

Profits from the programme and raffles at the society’s shows are donated to Maggie’s Centre in Oxford, which provides help for anyone affected by cancer.

The play runs from Thursday to Saturday, October 17-19, at 7.30pm, at the Methodist Church in High Street, Witney. Tickets are £8 from Rapture Music in the town, the coffee bar at the church or by calling 07788 511828.