Demi Lovato, Chris Martin and Terrence Howard have appeared in a music video aiming to promote togetherness during the coronavirus pandemic.

Never Alone, which is by Australian X-Factor star Emmanuel Kelly, features clips of the stars saying what they do when they feel alone.

In the video, Martin said: “When I feel alone, I sometimes write down everything I’m grateful for and then I try and find a patch of sky at night and look out at it.”

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(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Lovato said that she looks to her two dogs for comfort.

“When I feel alone I immediately always look to my two dogs, Batman and Cinderella, and I cuddle with them until I fall asleep because I feel lonely at night most of the time,” she said.

Also featured in the video are Jean Claude Van Damme, Elisabeth Moss and JK Simmons.

The song was written by Emmanuel Kelly (PA)

Never Alone was written by Kelly when he was 11-years-old and is about the loss experienced by his mother after she lost a child.

The singer decided to create the music video as he felt the song has resonance during the current pandemic.

He has also encouraged people to share a 30-second clip on social media of them talking about how they deal with loneliness using the hashtag #NeverAloneChallenge.

The song was mixed by DJ Paul Oakenfold.