Siannise Fudge is in for a shock in Love Island when she is messaged a photo of her sisters with the parents of her boyfriend Luke Trotman.

After she is sent the photo, the islanders are visited in the villa by their families and friends.

Luke T’s father tells his son: “I’m so proud of you – so are all the family at home, including the grandparents.

Love Island Winter 2020
Luke T is coupled up with Siannise (Joel Anderson/ITV/PA)

“Your grandad is watching Love Island!”

His mother adds: “People keep coming to me and saying, ‘you should be so proud of him’.

“You’re a beautiful kid, you probably don’t even know it.

“We are a very proud family.”

In the Beach Hut, Siannise later says that Luke T’s parents are “amazing”, adding: “I just love them.”

The families of other islanders then enter the villa to visit the contestants.

Love Island winter 2020
Paige and Finn became the first official couple of the series (Joel Anderson/ITV/PA)

When Paige Turley’s father comes in, he jokingly says to his daughter’s boyfriend Finn Tapp: “Oi big boy – you got a minute?”

Finn’s own father then takes his turn at having a joke at his son’s expense.

“I’ve learnt so much about you in five weeks – more than I have in 20 years,” he said.

“Certainly the old foot fetish was a big one.”

Jess Gale’s twin sister Eve, who was previously dumped from the villa, also makes a return to the show.

Jess said: “Every time something good happens, I wish Eve was in here to enjoy it with me.

“It was crazy having her back right beside me in this villa – it’s all I’ve wanted.”

One couple is also set to leave the villa after viewers voted for their favourite pairings.

The couple that comes bottom of the poll will be eliminated from the show.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and in Ireland on Virgin Media Television.