K-pop band BTS have unveiled their latest venture – an art project to create a “positive message for the world”.

Sir Antony Gormley, famous for the Angel Of The North, and other established artists are taking part.

Art projects will go on show in five cities – London, Berlin, New York, Buenos Aires and Seoul.

Graham Norton Show – London
Boyband BTS have said the art project creates a ‘collective, positive message for the world that we value’ (PA)

One of the works will be a “re-imagining of BTS’ signature dance movements as seen through the techniques of projection mapping.”

The Korean boy band said of the Connect, BTS project: “We speak different languages and come from multiple cultural backgrounds and have lived through unique life experiences.

“Contemporary art and music are also two different worlds.

“This project is especially meaningful to us because it truly represents diversity and creates a collective, positive message for the world that we value.

“Through this project, we hope to return the great amount of love and support from our fans, (dubbed) ARMY, and all audiences.”

Art director Daehyung Lee said: “The projects and contemporary artists assembled for Connect, BTS offer diverse responses to the world around us.

“With such powerful message and direction they have taken, BTS has become a global group worth noting among global contemporary artists.

“BTS’ philosophy in the form of support for diversity, and love and care for the periphery is an important motif of the project.

“The significance of art, whether it consists of sound, sculpture, photography or another medium, is its innate potential to forge a relationship between artist, viewer, the immediate environment, and the atmosphere which encircles and extends far beyond.

“This project will encourage appreciation of diversities and establish ground for great new synergies to be born.”